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Bebefood Soy Sauce

For Salad

100% Korean soybean

It is made with Korean soybean strictly selected.

Non- food additives

It helps to develop healthy eating habits since synthetic additive is not used.

Korean traditional soy sauce

Fermented solution of green tea is added to the soy sauce for the children’s health.


Using Korean traditional fermentation technique can preserve nutrient and taste of soy sauce.

Suitable recipe for infants

It is developed the best recipe for children together with children’s food expert.

Sanitary manufacturing

Manufacture in hygienic facility selected by exacting standards.

Product Information

Product Name

Bebefood Soy Sauce (for salad)

Food Type

Soybean sauce (mixed soy paste)



Shelf Life

12 months from the date of manufacture

Ingredients and Contents

Korean traditional soy sauce 27.3%{soybean100%(Korea), purified water, bay salt}, Korean soybean sauce 20.0%{soybean26.4%(Korea), wheat21.6%(Korea), purified water, bay salt, high fructose corn syrup, spiritus, extract Yeast extract, enzymatically modified stevia glucosyl stevia}, purified water 23.5%, organic sugar 5.3%(imported), oligosaccharide 14.4%, fermented green tea liquor 6.9%, apple extract 1.3%, spring onion extract 1.3%

Product Features

  1. It is a clear and safe soy sauce made of selected Korean soybean.

  2. The salt level of ‘Bebefood soy sauce’ is lower 6~10% than general soy sauce. So it can prevent children take in lots of sodium.

  3. Fermented solution of green tea is added on. Green tea has plenty of catechins which are potent antioxidants.

  4. To improve child health, we used oligosaccharide which helps bifidobacteria boost propagation in the intestines with low calorie content.

  5. Adding extract of Korean apple, leek and kelp gives relish to soy sauce without food additives, so children can have delicious the soy sauce.

  6. Use natural ripening soy sauce fermented for a year in the natural clay jar, so it can preserve enzymes and unique nutrients of traditional soy sauce.

  1. Keep in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight

  2. Keep it refrigerated if you open the package

Keeping Method and Caution


  • What kinds of medicinal ingredients are included in the “Bebefood Soy Sauce?” The medicinal food which is widely known as the secret of health from the Joseon Dynasty period is “Side dish that has medicinal effect” and it is a food in which theory of oriental medicine is combined with the art of cooking, nutritional science.

  • Fermented solution of green tea
    Fermented solution of green tea, made in Gangjin, South Jeolla Province, through 2 years of fermentation process, has plenty of catechines. The astringent taste in green tea is called catechines, which are potent antioxidants, and also have been effective in maintaining body fluid and removing heavy metals in the body.(Source : Navercast “Efficacy of green tea through scientific point of view”).

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